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Tough Guys Try-Outs
Tough Guys Try-Outs
TRY-OUT ONE Sandy blond hot body Kriss Wood shows up at a wrestling try-out to see if he's tough enough to be in a wrestling video. Good looking Nigel wearing a dress shirt, tie, and slacks welcomes Kriss and leads him into an inner room with a wrestling mat on the floor. Without warning Nigel attacks Kriss from behind and the try-out takes off. Still wearing street clothes, the evenly matched pair waste no time getting into hard fought action. Roughly their street clothes get ripped off. Then Kriss' tights and Nigel's trunks get peeled off, and their bare assed brawl heats up. After each man wins a fall they call their match a draw and jack off. TRY-OUT TWO Now Kriss must prove he's tough enough (again) to marcho Latino hunk Rico. First Kriss' body is inspected by Rico, then Rico shows off with his own muscle posing routine. Kriss wears blue Speedos and Rico wears a blue bikini which both disappear quickly. As the wrestling becomes aggressively competitive, Kriss surprises the more muscular Rico with his mat skills. Both studs take a beating but ultimately Kriss suffers a punishing submission only to be subjected to another muscle posing routine from Rico. Both men jack off. TRY-OUT THREE Back in the office, handsome and experienced wrestler Tyrek shows up for a try-out with business dressed Joe Flert. Flert instructs Tyrek to try on a variety of trunks until Tyrek asks if he was there to wrestle or get naked for Flert. Quickly Tyrek in red trunks and Flert in blue trunks are on the mat. Unexpectedly they spot a peeping tom (Chris Perv) who they quickly capture and the two-way try-out turns into a three-way brawl. Peeping Chris proves to be more trouble than Tyrek and Joe expected and the mat mayhem rages on. What happens? Who wins? Own this jack-off hot DVD and find out. TOUGH GUY TRY-OUTS is a satisfyingly long, bare balls actioner with multiple cumshots from Can-Am's in-house team of Jimmy Dean and Beau Bradley.
Duration : 1 hours 43 minutes
12:40 AM to 02:23 AM EST
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Can-Am Wrestling 24/7 every day of the month, every month of the year. Check out the Channel Guide to see what's playing right now. One low monthly subscription gets non-stop Can-Am Sex Wrestling action on any device... computer, mobil, and home TV's with the RoKu box or AppleTV with AirTime.
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