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On The Mat 1: Matt Miller vs Jobe

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Actors: Jobe Zander, Matt Miller
Directors: Ron Sexton
Keywords: bare feet, bodybuilder wrestling, bodybuilders, crotch grabbing, gay wrestling, gym studs, lycra, mat wrestling, muscle men, spandex
Categories: Gay Wrestling
Length: 00:44:59
Recorded: 4 months and 2 weeks ago
Matt Miller, best described as muscle on muscle on muscle, makes his debut appearance at the Can-Am Arena. Unfortunately for him he is up against resident ass-kicker Jobe Zander. What we have here is the fireplug against the crotch killer... As Jobe says at the start of his attack... "You're built for show... while I'm built for GO!"

Headlocks and crotch smothers turns the muscle plug's face beet red. Body stomping leaves red foot prints on his back. He can really take a beating.

A nicely applied double hammerlock puts the muscleboy on beautiful display... but what's this - he manages to turn it around and has Jobe down on the mat and goes for a tight ball grab. Proud of his taking control he moves in on Jobe but leaves himself open for a low blow... and down he goes. Jobe is not about to tolerate this newbie taking his thunder. And Jobe goes tit for tat... You grab my junk and I'll attack yours. Big mistake... Big Big mistake going after the "Centerpiece's" junk. Jobe wrote the book on 100 easy ways to take down your opponent with crotch attacks.

By the way... for all you big muscle butt fans... Matt has one of the best muscle asses connected to huge muscle thighs that we've seen in a long time. For what he lacks in height - he gains in muscle slab thickness.

Jobe wraps his legs aound Matt's head in a tight scissors and repeatedly pounds Matt's head into the mat.. then rolls around on the mat spinning Matt in circles to again pound his head into the mat while still in the tight scissors. Truly a beautiful sight to see!

Jobe goes in for the finisher... his trademark sleeper, but stops short of finishing Matt off... BIG mistake because what's this.... Matt manages to get Jobe in his own sleeper and takes control of the match. And he appears to be a quick learner tying up Jobe's upper body while slapping Jobe's ample crotch pocket between grabs. Jobe is down and being worked over by the muscle plug... body scissors, body stretches, arm bars, and body blows keeps Jobe under his control. Matt Miller has some skills that Jobe assumed never existed... who made the bigger mistake?

We won't spoil it and tell you how it ends but rest assured - it's a nice and proper ending to such a hot sexy match. Welcome Matt Miller - we can't wait for your next match!
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