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Tagteam Mayhem

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Actors: Cody Brandon, Doug Brandon, Jarrod Lake, Jeff Blackstone
Directors: Ron Sexton
Keywords: 2 on 1 wrestling, ass play, bare feet, big dicks, body worship, bodybuilder wrestling, bodybuilders, crotch grabbing, gay wrestling, gym studs, jacking off, jocks, lycra, mat wrestling, muscle men, oil wrestling, pro wrestling, siblings, spandex, spanking, straight guys, submission wrestling
Length: 01:04:24
Recorded: 5 years and 3 weeks ago
Can-Am`s in-house sadist Doug Brandon (wearing silver trunks) and his sadist-in-training little brother Cody Brandon (wearing gold trunks) practice their tagteam treachery on tough-as-nails Jarrod Lake (wearing yellow trunks) and tagteam partner Jeff Blackstone (wearing plum trunks). The Brandon Brothers attack their opponents like a freight train hitting a fruit stand. Before the fruit hits the mat, all trunks have been ripped off, and ball grabbing, ass slapping, dirty double team street brawling explodes in do-or-die high velocity action. Losers get tied up, beaten, escape, tie up their opponents, beat them, they escape, more carnage, more bondage, more agony, and more get-your-moneys-worth mayhem in both the pro ring and the oil pit. And as a boner bonus for you bad boy Doug Brandon fans, Doug soaps it up rock hard in a solo shower shooter scene. So... if no-holds-barred dirty, sexy, street fighting punches your buttons, you`re gonna be punch drunk ecstatic with...,

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